In my experience, working your dreams gives you a reference frame of what you are really dealing with at an unconscious level. Sharing a dream with someone else becomes a gift for everyone working on it . We can gain a deeper connection and understanding of the human condition when sharing our dream stories. We become better storytellers and learn to consider different perspectives in a given situation. The more we pay attention to our dreams, the more we become ourselves.  

Now you can book  a one on one session to explore your dreams and the awareness that comes with them.

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About Jess Miramontes

I consider proyective dreamwork as an art since the circumnstances under the work is done are unique, just like every dance performance, another discipline I practice, is different. We all sleep, we all dream even if we don’t remember.

I am interested in sharing my experience of 17 years doing dreamwork in different ways mostly looking for a deeper connection with those in my community.

I have lived in San Miguel de Allende for 1 year and I’ve had studied and experienced psicoshamanism, evolutive tarot and my Certificación from the Marin Institute for Projective Dream Work is in process.

I am also a performing artist looking to integrate the messages from our dreams with dancetherapy.


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